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Have Zella Attend Your Child's Party!

Have Zella provide entertainment for your child's party! Her parties are suited for infants and children up to the age of ten, and designed around their interests, attention spans, and party themes. The activities include a combination of sing-a-longs, dancing, storytelling, active games, crafts, and, of course face painting! She offers packages ranging from face painting only, to running and managing the whole giggly kit-and-caboodle!

Package 1: A two hours appearance consisting of music, dance, games, storytelling, and a craft for up to 15 children. $300.

Package 2: A two and a half hours appearance, which includes everything in Package 1, plus face painting for up to 15 children. $350.

Package 3: A 45-minute Zumbini® class for moms, dads, babies, and toddlers (ages 0-4) (See the Zumbini® tab for more information). $100.

Package 4: Face painting only: $100 for the first hour, and $50 for each additional hour, rounded up to nearest half hour. This includes painting, single gems, and a full glitter bar. Ornate gem clusters may be added to any booking for an additional flat fee of $25 for two hours or less, or $50 for two plus hours.

The Full Gaggle of Giggles: Planning a party is a time consuming activity! If you have the desire but need to fit several more hours into your already hectic schedule, let me do the legwork. I will plan, manage and run the whole kit and caboodle! You get everything in Package 2.  In addition, I manage the following: 1) invitations and RSVPs, 2) decorations and 3) refreshments, including the cake. The cost is $1,000.00 for my services, plus the cost of cake, invitations, mailing, and refreshments. I require at least 2 months’ notice for this package so that we have plenty of time to discuss your ideas and your budget.

Please note that due to the increase in gas prices, a surcharge of $5 will be added to any location between 10 and 20 miles away from Blairstown, and $10 added for any location over 20 miles.

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